University of Illinois

My very first news beat was covering the University of Illinois administration, and I’ve covered all aspects of the university as a reporter, from professor shortages to student housing to the resignation of Chancellor Phyllis Wise in August 2015.

Resignation of Phyllis Wise

On August 6, Chancellor Phyllis Wise resigned out of nowhere. The following day, the University of Illinois disclosed that Wise had circumvented FOIA requests by using her personal email address. I covered much of the fallout from the resignation, from the breaking news to the analysis of what was contained in the emails to how the hiring process played out.

Nearly $2 million in raises on campus

Who gets a raise when no one is supposed to get a raise at the University of Illinois? More than 200 highly paid professors and administrators.

Living in luxury at UI

The increased presence of high-income students on campus led to a luxury housing war on campus that bordered on ridiculous with car parking-robots and in-complex jumbotrons. I later followed up when some of the perks didn’t come to fruition and other issues arose. Part of package that placed 2nd in Business and Economic Reporting category at Illinois Press Association in 2015.

A list no one wants to make

Over the course of a year, 124 people were issued no-trespassing notices at the UI, according to records obtained by The News-Gazette via the Freedom of Information Act. Who are they? What did they do?

Accused terrorist earned master’s degree at UI

Among the four men indicted by the U.S. Justice Department on Thursday for sending money to Anwar al-Awlaki, a known al Qaida leader, was a former University of Illinois student. Here’s what we know about 36-year-old Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad.

Campus dining has learned to waste not

Over the past few years, data collected by the university’s housing division has helped scale back on food waste — rare in campus dining halls. This school year alone, the university expects to divert 678,255 pounds of food from the landfill, worth a combined $692,809. That’s 4 percent of a food budget of $17.3 million.

Pension reform typo leaves thousands hanging in the balance

Almost 4,000 University of Illinois employees will have to retire or risk losing their benefits because of a typo in a bill passed by the state legislature. Won 1st place in the News category at 2014 Illinois College Press Association awards.

Welcome to the Army (Part 2)

I spent a four-day weekend with the Illini Army ROTC Battalion. This was my experience. Won 2nd place in the In-Depth Reporting category at 2014 Illinois College Press Association awards.